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Firstly I would like to thank you for taking the time to consider us for your personal security or corporate security needs.

We can offer you a discreet and confidential bug sweep and counter surveillance service which can suit private individuals, as well as corporate clients.

bug sweepIf you suspect a person, agency or business competitor may be monitoring you, we can offer a comprehensive bug sweep and counter surveillance service.
Our search for devices will be performed discreetly and systematically. This is imperative as to not to alert the surveillance effort of your suspicion that there may be a surveillance device in place. The equipment we have at our disposal during our electronic sweeps will help us to detect and eradicate even the most technically advanced and well hidden electronic eavesdropping devices. You can give yourself peace of mind if there is a device there, we will find it.

Our elite team of highly trained technicians include a trained Locksmith, his extensive knowledge of locks allows us to be well informed as to the ease of which a person could gain entry to any premises to potentially place a covert listening device.

• Contact us as a matter of urgency, do so once you are safely away from the suspect area.
• Do not inform anyone of your suspicions unless absolutely necessary. Past experience has proven that often devices have been planted by an individual in a position of trust by the intended target.
• Do not try to find the devices yourself.
• Prepare yourself in the event a device is found. Take time to consider your options, such as destroy the device or keep the device active and feed the listener misinformation. You may be able to say something which will draw the person who planted the bug back in to trying to retrieve the device, therefore capturing the perpetrator red handed.

Once we have completed your counter surveillance survey we will produce a detailed report explaining specifics of any devices or irregularities found. We will also highlight and bring to your attention any areas we discover which could possibly be vulnerable to a surveillance attack.

Due to the sensitive nature of the business we are involved with and service of which we are going to perform for you, when we attend your premises we will be in a plain non descriptive vehicle. This is to ensure that no one knows who we are or why we are there. Due to this if you are under any kind of surveillance, the surveillance team will not be aware that you have called in a counter surveillance team.

We can offer you a personal, home or business security consultation to discuss any possible security threats. We can create you an in depth report to inform you of any possible security short falls with steps to follow which will eradicate any such threat to your security.

Full physical and technical sweep of an average size car. This service can take between 1 – 3 hours. The estimated price and time is dependent on the level of threat and also the vehicle involved.
Estimated price £400

Full physical and technical sweep of the average size two bedroom flat. This service can take between 3 – 6 hours. The estimated price and time is dependent on the level of threat and the general layout of the building.
Estimated price £1800

Full physical and technical sweep of the average size three bedroom house. This service is estimated to take 4 – 8 hours, dependent on the level of threat and the general layout of the building.
Estimated price £2200

southampton-bug-detectionPrepare a room or building for a confidential meeting by performing a full technical and physical performance sweep of the intended premises before its use. Also if required we can execute a thorough search of individuals on arrival before being granted access to the premises. We will also endeavour to facilitate any other needs you may require, simply informs us what you need.
Estimated price £1400
Our professional bug sweeps are available for all types of vehicles and premises, commercial and domestic. The above prices are guides. The price for the sweep you require may differ slightly from our estimates due to factors such as number of technicians needed and distance they have to travel. Please contact us so we can discuss your particular needs and quote you a more accurate price.

Please be aware that we are also in a position to offer you a full counter surveillance / surveillance detection service.
A member of our surveillance detection team can prepare for you a personal security profile, route review and risk assessment matrix. We can tutor the suspected surveillance target in observation techniques and can also supply the surveillance target with surveillance detection report forms to help the target keep a record of any incidents. Once complete if necessary we can put in to place a surveillance detection team who will be able to determine if you are actively under surveillance.
Estimated price £ POA

Our technicians also have access to a number of items which can be sold to you to assist you in your personal security. These are items such as basic hand held detectors for bugs to farb gel the U.K legal defence spray. Ask your technician for more details.

bug cardWe are proud of our reputation of having the best customer service in the business. We will not let you down.

Trust in us.

Methods of payment accepted are cash, card and paypal. A 10% deposit may be required before technicians are dispatched to target location.

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